Expo Intelligent Municipal Cleaning and Waste Management 2019

April 26-28, 2019 Shanghai New International Expo Center

26th – 28th April, 2019
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Exhibition background: 

         Urban city appearance, wisdom sanitation and municipal engineering construction, public environmental construction, urban management and solid waste disposal have become a symbol of urban civilization with the development of China's urbanization process. With the progress of modern life civilization and the development of social and economic technology, environmental protection is entering a new period of golden development. At the same time, China is experiencing a peak period of investment and marketing with the government's increasing green development, low carbon economic requirements and the continued openness of municipal utilities. According to the research by industry authorities, the demand is increasing significantly in sync and the new brand pattern is gradually formed in the competition in the case of the environmental protection toilets industry. Choosing to build brand awareness through high quality exhibition is undoubtedly a smart marketing strategy for entering the Chinese market. 
        Therefore, in the huge push of market potential to make our country's industrial manufacturing more prosperous, we will hold 'exhibition of Shanghai intelligent sanitation and solid waste treatment' at Shanghai new international expo center on April 26 to April 28 in 2019 under the government's strong support. The organizer will invite enterprises from the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, South Korea, the Netherlands, Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan and enterprises from other countries and regions to take part in at that time, the exhibition area of 45,000 square meters is expected to have more than 800 enterprises to show their latest products, latest technology and equipment of the industry, welcome participating! 


 Publicity and promotion of the exhibition: 

       The success of the intelligent sanitation and solid waste disposal exhibition rely on the original exhibition (CCE) and they will be one of the international brand events in the environmental field. Gathering China, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Britain and other well-known brands to join in from more than 10 countries and regions, such as Walex, American Satellite, Italy Sebach, PolyPors Inc, Envirosan cc, Zhejiang Zhenchuang electromechanical, Foshan yaode, SID, AOTO, Beijing electromechanical institute, Gaia, Ridgid, Meiya, Chenglu, Yuanchi, Nilfisk, Linxiang Plastic, Jiangsu Hehai, Baoding Deenpu, Zhongtian, Lvyi, CIMC, Longma, Hengkaitong, Liulong, CT Corporation, Zhejiang Jinbao, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Shanghai Tianyi, Guanghuan, Zhuhai Lianyi, Shenzhen Dongfeng and so on. 


       In addition, in accordance with our many years of exhibition experience, we have established a huge database of professional spectators and we will invite the target spectators in relevant industry to visit through telephone, fax, email, direct mail, messages, and other forms.